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The organization works to support residents, especially women and teens - male and female alike - to overcome long-standing social and economic inequities. Its activities focus on achieving early gains in life that will continue to have lasting long-term positive benefits well into adulthood. As for 2022 we are active in Kiboga, Hoima & Kyankwanzi districts.


The projects we are involved in today in the fields of health, education and agriculture. Together combine the ability to promote and improve the quality of life of the rural communities.

In health – we built and provides services to preventive detect and treat non-communicable diseases (chronic) including high blood pressure, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, malnutrition, cervical cancer, food security screening for myopia in primary schools. Bringing Israeli and other residents for a period of months 2-4 volunteering and promoting action in the health arena.

In education - providing enrichment classes such as chess, thinking games, providing protective bandages scholarships for sick children

In agriculture-, providing safe water, growing beehive products for food security and income. Empowering women for training, production and livelihood of reusable sanitary pads.

Diabetes and Hypertension

Hypertension and diabetes are widespread in Uganda. 1 in 4 adults suffer from hypertension and 1 in 8 suffers from diabetes. About 60% of patients are not diagnosed, but only in extreme cases. Surveyed more than 500 employees. Conducted efficient surveys in a short time of 3 hours. Repeated tests conduction, to confirm the findings and another visit is intended to start treating patients by the medical staff.

Women's Health Clinic

Conducting screening tests for cervical cancer, the most common cancer in women. The opening of the clinic followed a long preparation of teamwork of a number of volunteers, an Israeli expert in the field of cervical testing who also donated the unique device. In a period of about a month, he performed about 500 tests.

Chess Enrichment

Runs weekly at local schools providing chess lessons to rural pupils. Through sessions with chess coaches, children from rural villages are acquaint with activities that help build interpersonal skills, teamwork, patience, future planning, and concentration. The trainings also involve techniques that contribute to cognitive skill development.

FEEL FREE Programs

An empowerment project for young women and adolescents, that produces thousands of sanitary pads per year and sells these products through the local school system. BILUganda designed sanitary pads to ensure they are affordable among extremely lowincome households.

Menstrual Hygiene

Teams set out to go to Primary School to teach pupils leaders and teachers on the importance of Menstrual Hygiene and Management. In response to the plight of the pupils, majority of whom do not have access to sanitary products or are unable to afford such products due to high cost, distributed reusable cloth pads to pupils of Kabaale Primary. Reusable pads are affordable and the girls can wash them and use them again. They will not miss out of school due to lack of pads.

Food Production

Through a CULTIVAID program, works with growers to ideate new approaches to agriculture involving aquaponics, water treatment, and new crop varieties. These applications developed help farmers ‘to increase monthly income, productivity with a special focus on local small-scale food producers, seizing the dual opportunities of reinforcing nutrition and generating employment opportunities for the rural population.

Intergration & Rotation

Just Spirulina, a partnership with Israeli students at local growers, aims to disseminate knowledge about growing Spirulina, nature’s most nutritious food, through peer training in a manner that creates local expertise and self-reliance.

Eyeglasses Promotion

Drawing on support from the World Bank, BILUganda will host a program that distributes eyeglasses to schoolchildren. BILUganda’s “Glasses for Every Child” Program is to address the unspoken causes of early childhood or grade-school dropouts – blindness or vision impairment.

Childcare Services

Launching a new program run by local working mothers who will provide childcare for infants on a rotational basis. Schedules are to be placed in which women will take turns running the day care services and will be trained in reading and other activities that will boost their own literacy skills, as well as contribute to early cognition and development.

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